This past week has been filled with tons of problems on the Amazon FBA home front. I typically would not share a blog post like this one because I don’t want to look like a “Negative Nancy,” but in an effort to be transparent and show that everything isn’t always roses when selling online, here a just a few of the issues that have been going on behind the scenes.

Issue #1: $300 worth of returns 8 days into the month…

You’d think I was selling defective products looking at that amount of money, but the $300 worth of returns that I’m dealing with are from selling two (2) items. One item sold for over $200, however, the buyer changed their mind and sent it back and now Amazon has labeled it as “customer damaged.” I already put in a removal request to have it shipped back to me, but in the meantime, I contacted customer support regarding the issue. They went out of their way to have someone in the warehouse locate the item and take photographs of the condition for me.

I will be honest and say my stomach turned when I saw that this particular item had been refunded. I can always recoup the money, but if the item was/is destroyed, it cannot be resold because it is a health and beauty product — a $200+ health and beauty product. (I think from here on out I will leave these sort of products to eBay…oh wait…I already did that and the ‘buyer’ never paid…)

[/end sarcasm]

It’s that time again for me to re-cap my monthly income from re-selling on Amazon FBA and eBay. I cannot believe the month of April has come and gone that fast — and May seems to be moving at that same speed. Since I waited so long into the month to post this report, let’s jump right into the numbers. Please keep in mind that the figures that I report below are from part-time re-selling. As I have said many times before, my first and full-time job is my family and my home. Re-selling is something that I do on the side. I have no intentions of turning this into a full-time career. With that in mind, if you can dedicate full-time hours to re-selling, your numbers will most certainly be higher than those that I report on this blog.

eBay Income

I did not put much effort into selling on eBay this month. I estimate that I listed less than 15 new items and during the last week of the month, I re-listed around 100+ items (mainly used/pre-owned VHS tapes). As I have mentioned in a previous post, I will be liquidating my eBay inventory this month and focusing most of my time on Amazon FBA (when it comes to re-selling).

Here are the figures for April:

I grossed a total of $533.87 in sales on eBay. This is a decrease of $262.85 from the previous month. To be quite honest, I am not surprised at this figure since I put less than 2 hours into eBay for the entire month.

Today was such a busy day filled with sourcing that I almost forgot to round up some of my FBA sales. This week I want to focus on what has sold from the liquidation pallet that first got me started with Amazon FBA. I now consider sales of merchandise from that pallet to be passive income since I have already made my money back from the initial investment several times over.

Here are a few items that sold:

1.) 14 Favorite Love Songs [Audio CD] Neil Diamond – This was a new/sealed CD in the pallet. I had no idea how to price it, so I priced it high and hoped for the best. It sold within 2 weeks of hitting the warehouse.

Paid: approximately $0.06. After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $20.61.

2.) Squire Rushnell’s Kingdom Chums: Original Top Ten [VHS]  – Here’s another VHS that has sold from that pallet. I actually thought about keeping this one for my daughter, but opted instead to send it into FBA. It just so happens that I found a used copy of this exact VHS at the Goodwill Outlet a few weeks later.

Paid: approximately $0.06. After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $18.82.

3.) Just a Closer Walk With Thee [Audio Cassette]There are hundreds of cassette tapes from that pallet that I have yet to ship into FBA. This one made its way there only because it had a barcode that I could scan and it was actually listed in Amazon’s database. I really didn’t know how to price this cassette tape, so I settled on a price that would net me at least a $10 profit. 

I just returned from a much-needed mini vacation which is why yesterday’s post was the first one in almost 2 weeks.  I truly enjoyed enjoyed getting away and seeing family and friends — and I even found some time to go thrifting. My intentions were to keep it simple but…well…things didn’t work out that way. I wound up sourcing so much inventory that I had to get a bigger suitcase to take all of it back with me. In fact, I had to remove items from that suitcase and carry them on the plane since my suitcase weighed more than the airline’s 50 lbs limit.

don’t judge me. 🙂

I usually share a lot of my purchases on my Instagram that is dedicated solely to reselling. In fact, I did share a few photos of these items if you look back at older photos. (You can see updates via the photos on my sidebar).

Most of the items listed below will be sent into Amazon FBA. About two or three of them are designated for eBay. As a side note: If you haven’t noticed, at least 98% of the inventory that I have been purchasing is earmarked for Amazon FBA. I don’t have a lot of motivation to list on eBay and have already canceled my store subscription. The next step is to begin liquidating my remaining unlisted inventory. 

Profitable Media Items

I found these two items at two different thrift stores. The one on the left was from Savers and the other (on the right) came from a local Christian-based thrift store in the town where I grew up. The latter thrift store actually had thrift store prices — nothing like the “boutique” thrift stores that I see popping up everywhere I turn where I live.