*** This is another late income report that I may not be able to accurately detail. As much as I would like to be thorough, I’m too far behind on income reports to gather most of the screenshots that I usually do and with everything that occurred, I cannot remember most of what happened selling-wise. Nonetheless, I do hope that it is helpful to someone.

With that out of the way, here are the long overdue income reports:


February was a very hard month for me…one that I really don’t want to dwell that much on, but hopefully it sheds light on to my 3 month absence from this blog.

The very last post I wrote was regarding taking a hiatus from blogging and selling after the death of my grandfather. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only loss that I dealt with in February. Shortly after burying my grandfather, my cousin (his grand-daughter) died from an aneurysm 2 days before I was supposed to fly back home. I had literally talked to her and reminisced at our grandfather’s funeral and a few days later she was gone. She left behind a family and unfortunately I was unable to extend my stay another week for her funeral.

…and unfortunately, it didn’t end there…

*** I began writing this post/income report during the early part of February before I got news of my grandfather’s passing. I’ve tried my best to remember what occurred but the truth of the matter is, there is a lot that is missing that I simply can’t recall and you may notice that as you continue to read. Additionally, I do apologize for writing in past and present tense so many times within the same paragraph. I’ve gone back and filled in the gaps of what I remember and I have been honest about what I simply cannot recall.

Without further ado, here’s the long overdue income report…


The first week of January is what my husband dubbed as a “humbling experience.” You see, we had just come off of a December/holiday sales high right around the last week of December. If you recall the screenshot from my Q4 recap blog post, we had quite a few $1k-$3k days and then it all came to a halt on 12/24/2015.

Our sales slowly started to bounce back the first week of January but my husband was really worried that they wouldn’t completely rebound. Since he is rather new to selling on Amazon, I told him that I wasn’t worried and I also assured him that people don’t stop shopping because it is no longer Christmas season.

Right around January 5th our sales began to pick back up but we were only hovering around $500 per day in gross sales. However, all of that changed on my birthday when we purchased a liquidation pallet that literally catapulted our sales for the month and from the second week of the month on, we pretty much averaged over $1k per day in gross sales in January!