You won’t believe what Hubby and I did for the first time ever…

We spent two Saturdays in November holding our first yard sale and selling our wares as vendors at a flea market.

I’m super stoked to be writing this post — and not just because it’s something other than an income report. 🙂 I’m excited to write this post because I’ve always had questions in the back of my mind about yard sales and flea markets (particularly about whether or not they are lucrative and worth the time).

Now that I have some experience under my belt, I hope that this post will be helpful to someone looking for another outlet besides eBay for their merchandise.

Our Yard Sale Experience

Several months ago, our garage reached it’s breaking point. We simply couldn’t fit any more merchandise in there and I wasn’t listing our eBay inventory fast enough. I kept trying to convince Hubby that we should hold a garage sale, but he was totally against have “random people” in our driveway or “random people” knowing what we had hidden behind our garage door.

He changed his mind in October when he realized that if we were going to get rid of our excess eBay inventory before the new year, we had to find another outlet for it. We actually held our first yard sale during the beginning of November and while I didn’t feel that we had too much foot traffic, we got rid of some merchandise and made a little over $900 in one day doing so.