Happy One Year Amazon FBA Anniversary to Me!

As I was sitting at my desk deciding how I’m going to spend my time during my 1 week break from Amazon, my mind wandered back to where I was this time last year in my reselling journey. I remember that around this time I’d just gotten started with Amazon FBA after purchasing my first liquidation pallet. I documented my experience here (just in case you’ve never read it).

…lo and behold, it hit me! I’ve been selling through Fulfillment by Amazon for a year now! In fact, it was exactly one year ago today that I sold my very first item via FBA.

Let’s take a look at that monumental sale:

I sold this VHS tape from that liquidation pallet for $19.99 and paid what amounted to $0.06 for it. Let’s just say that I have been hooked on Amazon since then!

Anyways, there’s no way I can let this night end without celebrating! 🙂

The statistics for businesses that fail within the first year are pretty high. I know that this statistic is generally geared towards brick and mortar businesses, however, I believe the same can be said for online businesses. I can clearly remember the ways that I made money online prior to reselling. I invested in HYIPs (very risky and stupid — but also very profitable), I designed and sold niche websites, I wrote for websites like Demand Studios, I participated in “freebie trading,” I did a lot of affiliate marketing and PPC marketing, and I even sold products that I created on Internet Marketing forums. None of those ventures have produced the type of results that reselling has and I am thankful to have made it a full year as a reseller — and not just make it, but actually become profitable! (I can’t say the same for all of the other routes that I took.)

I never would have imagined making it this far and turning this into a viable way to make money to become debt free, but it is nothing short of a blessing from God!

I pray that this year is just as profitable for my family as well as yours!

Until next time,