Estate Sale Haul Vlog #2: How I Spent My Friday Morning…

On Friday I got the chance to get out and attend an estate sale — something I never do on a Friday. This particular estate sale was put on by a company I’ve never patronized before. I did not know what to expect — and quite honestly — I almost turned around and went back home, but thankfully I decided to check it out before heading to a doctor’s appointment.

Below you will find a video of Friday’s haul. I picked up a lot of items that should sell rather quickly and vary in category, price, and sales rank. I even picked up a few items to resell on eBay. I am seriously beginning to think that estate sales are the new “Goodwill” so to speak. I always find profitable merchandise in great condition and at even better prices. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I spend so much time at thrift stores where there seems to be no shortage of estate sales every week in my area.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up a few items I’ve never sold before. This should be very interesting! After watching the video, if you have any suggestions on items that I should be on the lookout for at estate sales, please do share them in the comments below! Sharing is caring. 🙂