Several weeks ago I attended an estate sale in search of profitable books to sell on Amazon. I had never attended an estate sale for the sole intent of purchasing books, but this instance has since since changed the way I look at books at estate sales. Come take a journey with me back in time. There’s even a nice little #BOLO somewhere below. 🙂

Estate Sale #1: Scan and You Shall Miss…

This was the first estate sale that got me hooked on books. I had a pretty overwhelming month (in June), but I made time to go to at least one estate sale. I chose this one for two reasons: 1.) It was advertised as being “MASSIVE” with hundreds of new in package items that the owner never opened — and bought multiple sets of, and 2.) because the photos showcased massive floor to ceiling book cases filled with books — books that were owned by a doctor.

There were a LOT of books. In fact, there were so many books that I actually hired a babysitter for a few hours that day so that I could attend the estate sale without my daughter. I knew that I was going to do some serious damage shopping and therefore, I could not have her strapped to me and lift loads of books at the same time.

…did I mention that I also had to drive 66 miles to get to the sale? …yeah, it was THAT serious.

Today’s edition of FBA Friday focuses on sales that I made from retail arbitrage. If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time, then you may know that I am not partial to retail arbitrage. I prefer thrifting to retail arbitrage but I do believe that retail arbitrage has a place in my reselling ventures, but only when the profit justifies the work I put in scanning, etc. This month, I made an exception.

I purchased all of the items that you will read about below at the end of March. In fact, it was part of a personal challenge that I set for myself in order to reinvest some of last month’s earnings. I did not publicly reveal the $500 challenge that I set for myself, but during the last week of March I took $500 $538 and invested it into merchandise bought from retail stores only. I went in knowing that my ROI wouldn’t be as large as what I get from thrifted merchandise, however, I also knew that I could buy in volume as a trade off.

This post will only focus on items that were purchased on clearance or special markdown. I didn’t limit myself to only buying this type of merchandise, however, I will never publicly “out” products on retail shelves that can be purchased at regular price and flipped for more Amazon. I believe that not only destroys the marketplace, but it also carries other negative consequences. Clearance items, on the other hand, are fair game in my opinion.

On Friday I got the chance to get out and attend an estate sale — something I never do on a Friday. This particular estate sale was put on by a company I’ve never patronized before. I did not know what to expect — and quite honestly — I almost turned around and went back home, but thankfully I decided to check it out before heading to a doctor’s appointment.

Below you will find a video of Friday’s haul. I picked up a lot of items that should sell rather quickly and vary in category, price, and sales rank. I even picked up a few items to resell on eBay. I am seriously beginning to think that estate sales are the new “Goodwill” so to speak. I always find profitable merchandise in great condition and at even better prices. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I spend so much time at thrift stores where there seems to be no shortage of estate sales every week in my area.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up a few items I’ve never sold before. This should be very interesting! After watching the video, if you have any suggestions on items that I should be on the lookout for at estate sales, please do share them in the comments below! Sharing is caring. 🙂