It is high time I sat down and wrote another post about how things are going on my end. I am still knee-deep in trying to get books and other inventory out of the door, so this post will be short and to the point…I hope. 🙂

Back to My Roots

Almost 8 years ago, I started selling books on Amazon as a merchant fulfilled seller. I sold books (primarily textbooks) as a way to earn some extra money while in college and it worked pretty well for me until I stopped right around 2008. Sure, I’ve merchant fulfilled quite a few low ranking, fast flip items since I started using Amazon FBA, but approximately 99.9% of the merchandise I sell on Amazon is fulfilled by Amazon.

…that was until two weeks ago when I resumed selling as a merchant-fulfilled bookseller. 

While in the middle of trying to get a large shipment of books out the door, I was having problems using my listing service (Listtee) and to make a complicated issue short, I had to finish the listing process through Amazon’s “Seller Central.” I took the .csv file of books I had already priced and labeled in Listtee and uploaded that to Amazon with every intention of immediately converting those listings to “Fulfilled by Amazon.”

Things have been pretty quiet around my blog lately…and for good reason. Earlier this week I attended one of the best book sales I have ever attended since I started dabbling in selling books on Amazon. I mentioned in my last post that I planned to attend two major sales this month and this happened to be one of them.

I am slowly making my way through my purchase, but I wanted to set aside some time to share my experience with the sale and some of the awesome books that I purchased. Hopefully after reading this, many of my regular readers will understand that I may be on hiatus from this blog for a while as I sort through hundreds of books and prepare them for shipment to Amazon.

Not Your Typical Book Sale…

I tend to shy away from Friends of the Library sales. In fact, I have only attended two of them since I started dabbling in selling books. I generally stick to my usual sources for books which includes thrift stores, estate sales, overstock stores and liquidation stores. Occasionally I will follow up on an interesting Craigslist ad, but those instances are very rare.

This particular “book sale” was actually apart of an estate sale. I had known about it for at least a week and after glancing at photos of the sale, I knew that I had to attend. Thousands of books were up for grabs and these were not your typical run of the mill books (as you will see later).