Consider this post the equivalent of my debt free scream! As of 10/7/2015, I have officially paid off my Sallie Mae / Navient student loan debt!

Yes, I know that this post is long overdue and I should have shouted this from the rooftops last month, but it is better late than never!

The Backstory

Back in 2013, Hubby and I welcomed our first child into our family. We knew before getting married and becoming parents that I would stay at home to raise any children that we had, but I was unsettled at the fact that as I left the workforce, I still had over $14k in student loans that needed to be repaid and I had no income (outside of my husband’s) to pay it off.

We were content for a while with paying only the minimum balance, but reality hit me one day after my student loans were sold to Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae sent me a letter detailing my payoff schedule. They estimated that if I only paid the minimum balance each month, I would pay off my loans in 2023. That would mean that my daughter would be 10 years old when I made my last student loan payment.

It was at that moment that I set out to bring in some extra money to get rid of those loans and that’s precisely why I ventured down the path of becoming a reseller (…the results of this endeavor has been detailed on this blog).