Estate Sale Book Haul Update #2: Two Months After Attending My Best Estate Sale Yet…

It has been two months since the books that I purchased from one of the best estate sale book hauls I’ve attended so far this year have been checked in and have begun selling. As I mentioned in the first update, I will continue to share the results of this haul until I become profitable. You can read the first update here.

Unfortunately, I didn’t sell as many books in October as I did the previous month. I came close in terms of number of books sold, but I did not meet or exceed last month’s numbers. My gross sales were also down.

Something didn’t seem right about these numbers given the amount of books I sent in and it turns out that something had indeed gone awry. 🙁

On October 28, Amazon sent me an email that I had some items in my “stranded inventory.” I will be honest and say that I’ve never really clicked on the “Stranded Inventory” link within Seller Central — or if I ever did, I never had any stranded inventory so I completely ignored it. Lo and behold, when I went to check things out I had close to 400 stranded items and over 90% of those items were books. Over 200 of those books were from this estate sale. I had absolutely no idea that I had so many books (and other items) sitting in Amazon’s warehouse without an active listing. I’m not sure how this happened and Amazon’s explanation wasn’t very clear.

Once I corrected the problem, more of my books and other items like stranded Xbox games began to sell. Unfortunately, I can’t even comprehend how many potential sales I lost out on during the month of October. Heck…some stuff had been sent in back in July but I had no idea it was just sitting in limbo. (I guess that’s one of the dangers of not keeping closer tabs on your inventory combined with having so much of it.)

Anyways, a deeper analysis of that stranded inventory problem is for another post, not this one. Let’s take a look at the figures:

I sold 29 books from this haul in October. That is 11 short of what I sold in September. On the bright side, my average price per book sold was close to September’s figures so I now have a better idea of when I might become profitable. If I can sell at least 35 books in November, I may become profitable before 2015.

Books That I Sold…

Here are just a few of the books that I sold last month:

Dermoscopy: The Essentials: Expert Consult - Online and Print, 2e

This was my highest selling book for the month. It came from the lot of books purchased during the first half of the sale. I paid $1.21 for the book and it sold for $76.87.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

This was my second highest sale for the month. This was another medical book purchased during the first half of the sale and it sold for $41.34.

100 Love Sonnets: Cien sonetos de amor (Texas Pan American Series) (English and Spanish Edition)

This book was my highest selling title that was purchased during the “box lot” hour. I definitely consider it one of those books that I wouldn’t otherwise touch. I paid $1.21 and this book sold for $18.27.

A History of the Ancient World

I included this book in the mix because I sold a good deal of history books in October. It wasn’t until I attended this estate sale that I even ventured into the history section to scout for books. This book sold for $14.17.


Despite not selling as many books as I did the previous month, I’m glad to see more progress. Now that I’ve taken care of my stranded inventory, things are looking brighter — dare I even say that I may become profitable before the year is out.

If I learned anything this month, it is to always keep close tabs on your inventory! Now that I have over 2,000 SKUs in Amazon’s warehouses, it is getting a littler harder to do, but it is not impossible.