Estate Sale Book Haul Update #3: Three Months After Attending My Best Estate Sale Yet…

With less than 24 hours to go until Thanksgiving day, I want to wish every one of my readers a heartfelt “Happy Thanksgiving!” I truly have a lot to be thankful for and I intend to spend this time surrounded by the family that God has blessed me with.

I feel it is rather befitting to write this post just before Thanksgiving day because I’m actually really thankful for Amazon FBA this year — and rightly so since¬†I am also thankful that I can end this estate sale update series on a positive note. That’s right… I am officially “in the black” thanks to the last 30 days worth of sales. ūüôā

If you remember my last update, I encountered a problem with hundreds of books that I sent in not being available for sale. Once I fixed the problem with my stranded inventory, my book sales resumed to the level where I felt they should be.

It has now been 3 months since¬†the books that I purchased from one of the best estate sale book hauls I‚Äôve attended so far this year have been checked in and have begun selling. As I mentioned in the first and second update, I will continue to share the results of this haul until I become profitable…and that time has finally come.

Sales Outlook

Here are the figures for the last 30 days worth of sales:

I sold a total of 34 books for a gross profit of $832.85. That averages out to $24.49 per book — although that number is very much skewed thanks to a few high priced books that sold. The fees that were taken out were almost identical to the fees from the first month, however, the net profit is well over¬†$100 despite selling fewer books.

Books That Sold…

Let’s take a look at some of the books that sold to help put me in the black…

Multiple Choice Questions in Clinical Examination

This book was my highest sale for the month. It was ranked well over 2 million when it sold for $189.95. To date, I believe that is the highest priced book that I have sold. I paid $1.21 for this book and it just so happens that this was one of the books that was apart of my stranded inventory debacle last month which means that it sold rather quickly for having such a high rank.

Barrow's Boys

The book was my second highest sale of the month and it left my husband completely dumbfounded, yet also amazed at just how well things sell when they are fulfilled by Amazon. This book sold for $59.66 even though the lowest price in used condition is $0.01 — or rather, a penny book. My husband wouldn’t stop commenting that he would have purchased the penny book any day over my copy.

My copy was in “new” condition which may have attributed to the higher selling price. I researched the company that purchased this book and I do believe that it is in good hands. ūüôā

A Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Thailand, Singapore & Peninsular Malaysia

For some odd reason, I sold A LOT of nature related books between October and November. I’m not sure if it is related to some seasonal trend, but if you happen to dabble in selling books on Amazon, these are genres you don’t want to avoid. This book cost $1.21 and sold for $36.26. (You can thank my repricer for such an odd amount.)

The Insect Societies (Harvard paperbacks)

This is another nature-related book that sold. Even with such a poor main photograph, it sold for $29.56.

**All of the books mentioned above were purchased during the first portion of the sale.**

Closing Thoughts…

Thanks to the sales from the past 30 days, I am finally profitable! I have received every cent that I invested into this haul and have a little over $200 in profit that I only expect to grow as time goes on.

Each and every time I write a new update post about this estate sale, I always ask myself if the experience was worth it and I would have to say that it certainly was! I wasn’t counting on becoming profitable until the new year (January 2015), but thanks to discovering that stranded inventory error, it seems that the potential to become profitable might have even happened a month sooner had all of my inventory been accounted for. Nonetheless, I learned a lot from this buying experience and I feel that I now have a better grasp of genres of books to keep an eye out for. In short, I would certainly do this over again if given the opportunity.

I do hope that this short-lived series was helpful to those of you that currently sell books or may be thinking about selling books on Amazon. Although I don’t plan to continue providing any more monthly updates now that I have made my money back, I may come back at the 1 year mark just to see how well my investment panned out.

Until next time,