#FBA Friday: This Week in Thrifting and Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA

This week’s sales were good for it being the first week of the month. Typically, this is a slow time for me, with things picking up around the middle of the month. Below are a few noteworthy sales as a result of liquidation, retail arbitrage, and couponing:

#1: Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin’ Back to Earth [VHS] ~ This VHS tape is from the pallet of tapes that I liquidated when I first got started with FBA. If you haven’t read the story that I posted earlier this week about how I got started, you can find it here.

This tape sold for $40 and went to an overseas buyer. This was a new VHS tape, but if you happen to come across any vintage Barbie tapes, be sure to scan them to see if they are worth anything.

After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $31.63.

#2: Black & Decker Infrawave Oven ~ Here is a flip from my adventures in retail arbitrage. I don’t do much retail arbitrage because the margins are sometimes not worth the effort in my opinion, however, this is one of those items that I couldn’t pass up.

I purchased this oven from a closeout store called Tuesday Morning. It was on clearance for $79.99, but after discounts I paid $47.99 + tax. Although I was able to get it home, after packaging it for FBA, I couldn’t fit it into my car so I had to schedule a UPS pickup. That was an additional expense I wasn’t expecting, so I did include that in the price I listed it for.

There were no other FBA sellers when I listed this item. In fact, there was only one other seller and their item was in used condition. I decided to price this item under the MSRP and settled on $239.99. This was one of those items that sold the instant it was checked in. It literally sat in my inventory for less than 10 minutes before it made its way to my pending orders.

It was a great flip…so great that I picked up the remaining units within a 40 mile radius from my house.

After Amazon fees, UPS pickup fee and the initial cost of the item, I profited $108.24.

#3: Olay Oil Minimizing Toner ~ Here is a multi-pack that I created from my stockpile of health and beauty items. These toners were free after coupons and rewards (I only paid sales tax). Once again, this is another item that I tried to sell as a huge lot on eBay, but I did not have any luck. Fortunately, it sold in about a week after hitting the warehouse.

After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $12.78.

#4: Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance ~ I picked up several of these Blu-ray’s (and other titles) via a liquidation auction. On top of only paying $1-$2 for each disc, they were also still new in package with their factory seal unbroken. Talk about a great score!

After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $26.18.

Other FBA Happenings

In other news, my merchant fulfilled sales increased this week as well. I don’t typically focus on retail arbitrage, but I found a health and beauty product on clearance that I have been selling consistently (around 3 items per day) via merchant fulfilling. Although I could probably make an additional $2 on this item by selling it via Amazon FBA, the cost to ship to various warehouses and the transit time is not something I want to bother with and would most likely equal out to the profit that I am making per unit by storing and shipping it myself.

Unfortunately, there were no sales this week (or at least at the time of writing this post) from thrifted items. I did have a pending sale for a long-tail puzzle (new in box) that I thrifted for $3 and had been at the warehouse for approximately 3 weeks, but it was cancelled. Fortunately, tomorrow I have a shipment of books and other estate sale items on their way to Amazon FBA. I can’t wait to see how well those do. There are definitely some low ranking goodies that I will create a video about in the upcoming week.