#FBA Friday: This Weeks Sales from Thrifting and Parking Lot Sales

Today’s post will focus on a few sales from thrifted goods. When I use the phrase “thrifted,” I am generally referring to anything purchased from a venue where the goods are low cost and new or pre-owned. This includes goods purchased from estate sales, parking lot sales, flea markets, etc.  Hopefully you will get an idea of the types of items that I keep an eye out for. There most certainly are quality goods that you can resell from these venues.

Weekly Roundup…

#1: Black & Decker Can Opener

I purchased this jar opener from a parking lot sale last month. In fact, you might remember it from this photo that I posted on Instagram. That was my first experience with parking lot sales and I will definitely be on the lookout for them more often.

The young woman who sold this to me told me that she was selling it for her grandmother who did A LOT of shopping. I opened the box to inspect it after researching it on my phone. It was still sealed in plastic and had all of the original packaging. I happily handed over the $10 she was asking for it and went on my way.

This was one of those items that sold within 24 hours of being checked into the warehouse.

After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $66.79.

#2: Wishbone VHS

I purchased this VHS tape from the Goodwill Outlet. It was a used tape, but that didn’t stop me from putting it in my cart. I have sold many used VHS tapes in the past on eBay so I know that some titles are still highly sought after even in used condition. I wasn’t too sure about this particular tape so I scanned it using the Profit Bandit app on my phone. It turns out that it was selling for at least $10 so that was a no brainer.

I paid $0.25 for this VHS tape and it sold for $10.95 about 3 weeks after being checked into the warehouse.

After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $6.14.

#3: Pedal Power DVD

I mentioned purchasing this DVD in a previous post. You can read about it here. This turned out to be a fast seller. It was ranked around 34k and only took a week to sell for $34.95.

I paid $0.99 and after Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $25.89.

#4: Lord of the Rings Monopoly

I found this board game at Savers early in the year (maybe January). It took me a LONG time to send it into FBA. I originally listed it on eBay, but after being re-listed 3 times with no watchers and no buyers, I gave up and decided to send it into FBA back in March. I actually had a *complete* game.

Most of the comparables on Amazon were NOT complete. Many said something along the lines of: “…complete game, just missing the ring…” or something to that effect. For the record, that is NOT complete and it is certainly against Amazon’s rules for collectible games/toys.

I priced my game high at $48 because it was complete and in great condition. I also included photos on my listing so that a potential buyer could see beforehand what they would receive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any takers for a really long time. Given the sales rank, I figured it should have sold rather quickly. Then I re-visited the listing. After looking at the prices of other sellers and taking the condition of the game into account, I decided to drop my price by $10. It sold a few days later. I don’t know if that was a good decision or not. I simply wanted the game out of my inventory. I suppose I could have waited it out for the right buyer, but I didn’t feel it was necessary.

I paid $3 for this game and sold it for $38.00. After Amazon fees and the initial cost of the item, I profited $23.55.

Going Forward…

It is easy to want things to sell fast when you do a mixture of thrifting and retail arbitrage. I constantly have to remind myself that when I thrift items, it is okay to invest in things that might be slower sellers. Everything that you buy doesn’t have to sell the minute it’s checked into the warehouse — unless of course, that is your business plan. For me, those slow sellers usually cost less than $5 and sell for 10-20x what I paid for it. With retail arbitrage, those types of returns are very rare. Instead, you tend to go after items where the return is much less, but you can make up for it in terms of volume.

I enjoy having a mix of both items, but next month I intend to shift my focus towards sending in higher priced thrifted goods. I also plan to ramp up my efforts to liquidate the last of my eBay inventory. I expect to see a decrease in my Amazon sales, but hope to make up for it with eBay sales.