February & March 2015 Income Report

*** This is another late income report that I may not be able to accurately detail. As much as I would like to be thorough, I’m too far behind on income reports to gather most of the screenshots that I usually do and with everything that occurred, I cannot remember most of what happened selling-wise. Nonetheless, I do hope that it is helpful to someone.

With that out of the way, here are the long overdue income reports:


February was a very hard month for me…one that I really don’t want to dwell that much on, but hopefully it sheds light on to my 3 month absence from this blog.

The very last post I wrote was regarding taking a hiatus from blogging and selling after the death of my grandfather. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only loss that I dealt with in February. Shortly after burying my grandfather, my cousin (his grand-daughter) died from an aneurysm 2 days before I was supposed to fly back home. I had literally talked to her and reminisced at our grandfather’s funeral and a few days later she was gone. She left behind a family and unfortunately I was unable to extend my stay another week for her funeral.

…and unfortunately, it didn’t end there…

In addition to losing family, I dealt with a case of food poisoning right after my grandfather’s funeral that I blamed on a restaurant when it was in fact the result of eating bad fruit while back east. Not knowing it was the fruit, I took said fruit on the plane ride back home as a snack for my daughter for the 6 hour ride ahead of us. A few hours after arriving home, she landed in the emergency room due to extreme vomiting that left her dehydrated and caused her to lose several pounds. As of her last weight check with her pediatrician, she is *finally* back to her weight prior to getting sick. It took 3 months to get here.

…and it still didn’t end there…

February also brought along with it a hit and run to our only car (we’re okay…but our car isn’t). After a shoddy police investigation that my husband contested and took higher up the food chain to have it re-investigated, the driver who hit our car and drove off eventually came forward. As I type this post (5/1/2015), we finally received closure and a settlement for our vehicle which was totaled.

…so if you’ve read this far I assume you still want to see how things went in terms of re-selling. Just like the month of February, I will keep things short.

eBay Sales

I should have ended my listings before leaving to go back east and for the most part I did, but there were a few things that I left active. Due to the craziness of the month, I only sold a few items, but I wound up completely botching a sale that I lost over $100 on (as you’ll see on my profit/loss statement). Long story short, I sent a buyer’s expensive package to another buyer by accident.

Despite having to refund my largest sale for the month, I was able to salvage that mistake made by apologizing profusely to the buyer and also offering a gift card as a way of saying sorry. The buyer was very forgiving and completely understanding and it really kept me from feeling even worse about how things were going that month — and also from receiving negative feedback.

Here are my numbers for the month of February:

Amazon Sales

If you could see our Amazon sales graph for the month of February, it would look like a roller coaster. Our biggest saving grace was the fact that we sailed into February off of January’s sales, however, once I got news of my grandfather’s passing and put a halt to anything reselling related, our sales plummeted. In fact, our lowest point of the month was on 2/13/2015 when we only managed to sell $288.83 worth of goods. We managed to bounce back, but not to the level of what we did in January. In the end, I wound up selling a lot of items for very little profit (or even at a loss) because I wanted to get rid of a lot of “dead weight” / aging inventory.

Here are our numbers for the month:

According to Inventory Lab, we took home a little over $6k after all fees, cost of goods, etc:

This figure was much lower considering we sold a lot of items for very little profit or for a loss. I wasn’t too disappointed since I expected this type of decline due to walking away from the business to focus on more important matters.

Also, I should note that during the month of February I no longer had my husband helping me with sourcing, packing or shipping since his workload increased twofold. This means that I am back to working on Amazon during my daughter’s nap time only.


March 2015 Income Report

I’m lumping March’s numbers into this report because there’s not much to report on my end. From what I can recall, we hit a very low slump at the beginning of the month but our numbers picked back up as we dabbled heavily into purchasing liquidation pallets.

For most of the month our garage looked like a war zone (due to housing several pallets) and I had to call in help since I was working alone for most of the month.

I had zero eBay sales in March. I didn’t have the desire or energy to deal with eBay. With that said, here are Amazon’s numbers for the month:

There was a big shift that happened in March. Because I did very little retail arbitrage and no online sourcing, our top category shifted from “shoes” and was replaced by “beauty.”

Due to the nature of the items that we are purchasing at the moment, I fully anticipate that this may be the norm going forward. While I have no intentions of neglecting our other top categories, I have found that beauty items are very easy to source by the pallet. Unless I’m dealing with a shoe wholesaler or discounter, the largest shoe purchase I can make in a retail store is a few boxes per shoe size. On the flip side, the largest beauty shipment I received in March consisted of 3,000+ items. I didn’t have to drive to numerous stores to buy that. Instead, it all came to me double stacked on pallets.

Final numbers

According to Inventory Lab, our net profit for the month was a little over $7k:

Considering the fact that I put a little more effort into reselling this month with minimal help from my husband, I believe these numbers paint a better picture of what our sales may look like going forward.

Until the next report,