This post is almost 2 months overdue (at the time of writing), but I’ve finally found some time to sit down and recap what has been going on since I last blogged.

June’s income report will be rather short. The month of June did not involve much in the way of re-selling. Instead, Hubby and I spent that time preparing for and teaching Vacation Bible School once again as well as attending graduations and taking a mini-sourcing vacation. As a consequence, our Amazon sales took a huge dip but we did have a good month on eBay…all things considered.

Without further ado, here are the numbers…

eBay Sales

I hunkered down in June to get some much needed listings up. If you can’t tell, I really don’t like the listing process!

Most of our sales didn’t take place until the end of the month once we were through travelling and teaching Vacation Bible School. Even with only 2.5 weeks worth of listing and sales under our belt, we were very close to hitting $1k in profit for the month. Here are numbers (nicely formatted and calculated thanks to Easy Auctions Tracker):


These numbers are the result of 56 sold listings. Our average sales price was $30.81 and 100% of our sales were liquidation items that have been sitting unlisted for quite some time. Some of the electronic items had been unlisted since January.

I truly intend to turn things around on the eBay front once we get some additional help. Right now, this month’s level of listing is what I can do on my own when I hunker down — and Hubby takes our daughter with him out on the town so that I can work without interruption. 🙂

Amazon Sales

Amazon was pretty uneventful this month. I was still on a buying freeze and we only sent in 2 small shipments for the entire month. I believe that these numbers paint a good picture of what our sales would look like if we stopped sending in new inventory and just let our current inventory sell.


Moving Forward…

As I mentioned in May’s income report, we were planning to break our spending freeze in June in order to make one small purchase since we had already planned to take a mini sourcing vacation. Unfortunately, we did not stick to that “small purchase” plan at all. While we did make a small purchase during our sourcing vacation, during that time I received an email from a liquidation contact who alerted me to a drugstore closing and its contents needing to be liquidated. After ordering what we could get our hands on and arranging the freight, we ended up spending over 12x what we originally intended to spend in June.

On the bright side, even though we made a really large blind (sight unseen) purchase, everything arrived in excellent condition and dated well into 2020. Thankfully, it was just the type of purchase we needed to bring us out of the slump that we hit this month.

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