#Thrifted Thursdays: Goodies That I Thrifted While On Vacation

I just returned from a much-needed mini vacation which is why yesterday’s post was the first one in almost 2 weeks.  I truly enjoyed enjoyed getting away and seeing family and friends — and I even found some time to go thrifting. My intentions were to keep it simple but…well…things didn’t work out that way. I wound up sourcing so much inventory that I had to get a bigger suitcase to take all of it back with me. In fact, I had to remove items from that suitcase and carry them on the plane since my suitcase weighed more than the airline’s 50 lbs limit.

don’t judge me. 🙂

I usually share a lot of my purchases on my Instagram that is dedicated solely to reselling. In fact, I did share a few photos of these items if you look back at older photos. (You can see updates via the photos on my sidebar).

Most of the items listed below will be sent into Amazon FBA. About two or three of them are designated for eBay. As a side note: If you haven’t noticed, at least 98% of the inventory that I have been purchasing is earmarked for Amazon FBA. I don’t have a lot of motivation to list on eBay and have already canceled my store subscription. The next step is to begin liquidating my remaining unlisted inventory. 

Profitable Media Items

I found these two items at two different thrift stores. The one on the left was from Savers and the other (on the right) came from a local Christian-based thrift store in the town where I grew up. The latter thrift store actually had thrift store prices — nothing like the “boutique” thrift stores that I see popping up everywhere I turn where I live.

I grew up with Mr. Rogers so I was delighted to find some of his DVDs at Savers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too delighted to pay $2.99 for a used DVD, but ultimately I did given the sales rank. I hope to profit $7.00 for this particular DVD.

I am not one to pass up sealed merchandise, so after scanning this spinning DVD, I was surprised to see that it was worth so much. It cost $0.99 and I hope to profit $27.00. I also picked up another similar DVD from this company (not pictured) that was also sealed/new in package. This is definitely a genre I will #BOLO when out thrifting.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise how much I enjoy thrifting VHS tapes.

I found this VHS tape in a pile of Nickelodeon classics. I was extremely tempted to just offer the owner a price for all of the VHS tapes and then ship them back home, but I quickly came to my senses when I reminded myself that I have hundreds of unlisted VHS tapes just waiting to be sold…and photographed…and listed.

I am pretty sure that I am dating myself when I say that I grew up with Gullah Gullah Island. So despite not being new/sealed, I scanned this VHS tape because I knew it was a “classic” so to speak.

There are two separate listings for this tape on Amazon so I will most likely choose to list it on the one with the best sales rank. I hope to sell it for around $28-$35 in used condition. If it were sealed, I would have set the price around $60-$85. Although the tape has sold for much more, I feel that those figures are more realistic for *me*.

“Dead Tech” Still Sells

How often do you pass up outdated technology when thrifting, even if it is still in its original box? The other night my husband was cracking jokes about some of the items I sourced online that arrived this week. He couldn’t figure out who still used 56k modems and why I would need one. He stopped the jokes when he realized that the modem was worth $75.00.

Because I seem to have a lot of success with “dead tech” items, I decided to scan this answering machine (and the 2 others next to it). I wasn’t expecting it to: a.) have such a low sales rank, and b.) be worth so much money. I purchased this for $1.99. According to CCC (CamelCamelCamel), it is has consistently sold for anywhere from $20-$90, with the average being $57.00.

With a rank of 14 (at the time of writing this post) and only $2 out of my pocket, there’s no harm in sending it in to see how well it does.


One for eBay…

I love security blankets. This is one item that I still source for eBay when thrifting. Some do sit longer than others, but eventually they all sell for a nice profit.

I thrifted this blanket for $2.99. It was more than I wanted to pay, but it was also too cute to pass up. In its used state, it will most likely sell for around $19.95 with free shipping.

TONS of textbooks…

One of the benefits of having a mother that has been a life-long college student is that when you go to visit her, you can raid her bookshelves, garage, and cabinets filled with textbooks ranging from Education, ESL, Criminology, Speech Pathology and more! In fact, some of the textbooks I brought back were my old college textbooks that she never gave away. I had a major and two minor concentrations in college so my selection of textbooks was varied as well.

One of the main reasons why my suitcase weighed so much was because I managed to fit over 20 textbooks in my suitcase — in addition to all of the thrifted goodies.

The prices and sales rank vary greatly, however, I love that these were FREE. (…I guess this really doesn’t belong in this post since it wasn’t thrifted — but hey — you might find a new genre of books that you should be looking out for in the thrift stores.)

The photo up above is an example of two random books out of the lot. One is definitely worth more than the other, but I hope to see if selling via FBA will make up for that.

When its all said and done, I hope to profit $400 from all of the books I ‘sourced’ and there are no pesky stickers to remove so processing them should be a breeze! 🙂


…so there you have it. Sourcing for Amazon FBA doesn’t have to be complicated — and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a profit from things found in thrift stores and even in your own home. Hopefully some of these purchases will help guide you in a new direction when you’re out sourcing.