#Watch Out Wednesday: Weight Watchers Does Sell

Last month I read a blog post by Kimberly Hutmacher over at Cray Cray for eBay where she mentioned having success with Weight Watchers items. I will be the first to admit that if I saw these items at a thrift store, I would just glance over them.

Not. Any. More!

A few weeks ago I was rummaging through the “BINS” at a local thrift store and stumbled upon an outdated Weight Watchers kit (new in an opened package). For $3.98 and some quick research on my Terapeak for Android app, I figured it was worth a try.

I originally set the price at $32.95 + free shipping (based on some of the past sales via Terapeak), but it sold for $29.65 because I put all of the fixed price items in my store on sale. It took about 3 days to sell and fit perfectly into a padded flat rate envelope.

…you can’t beat a profit of $16.45 for less than 10 minutes of rummaging through plastic bags filled with knickknacks.