#What Sells Well Wednesday: Investment Related Media

I have officially changed “Watchout Wednesdays” to “What Sells Well Wednesdays.” This Wednesday I want to focus on what sells well on eBay.

A few days ago I sold the DVD set pictured above on eBay that produced a whopping 2000%  return on my investment. This was NOT a thrift store item. I actually purchased it from my local library. Yes, that’s right…the library.

Many of the libraries in my area have Friends of Library (FOL) stores within the library to help raise funds. I decided to drop by to see if there were any books worth picking up for Amazon FBA, but as it turned out, I found quite a few goodies for eBay and this was one of them.

I typically come across a lot of investment related material when out thrifting and especially at Goodwill Outlet stores. Most of the time it features Guy Kawasaki or other well-known names. These types of items sell for quite a bit of money, even used. A typical investment course can set you back as little as $400, so then it reasons that there are many people out there looking for a cheaper alternative. If you look at some of the completed listings for similar items by this company, you will see that they sell for several hundreds of dollars.

Since I did not know much about this item, I had to use my Terapeak app to do some research! Even though I had never heard of IBD, when I see something new in package — even without an ISBN — I look it up. Terapeak showed that it had over a 100% sell-through rate. You just can’t beat those odds!

Even better is that I listed this item on a Friday and it sold the following Monday.

I will say though, as of writing this post, I feel I may have sold myself short by not listing this item as an auction and letting the market decide its price. (This is what I typically do in cases where I don’t know the true value of an item.) Instead, I set my price based on what other discs had sold for in the past. However, just this week, there was a sale that happened for my exact item in the same condition for more than $30 over what I was asking. You can view it here.

Oh well…you live and you learn. I choose not to dwell too much on what I could have done. I am thankful for the profit that I DID make.

The next time you’re out sourcing, don’t overlook your local library as an option — there are certainly treasures to be had — and definitely don’t overlook investment related items. It could very well be worth something.